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Second Amendment rights in Georgia could take a big change with this bill.


Second Amendment rights in Georgia could take a big change with this bill.

A bill banning certain guns described as assault weapons by the bill’s author is sparking controversy in Georgia.

The new bill was introduced by State Representative Mary Oliver, from Decatur, and it has the support of 15 Democrats who signed the bill.

Not only does this ban the sale of certain guns, but people who own the guns banned by this bill would have to turn them over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

“The Second Amendment is not about quail hunting. It’s about defending ourselves against a tyrannical government,” Patrick Parsons with Georgia Gun Owners said.

According to the bill, anyone caught with one of the banned guns could be charged with a felony.

“I don’t want to blame only the mentally ill on the reality that massacres of children in elementary schools can happen too easily in this country,” Oliver said.

Gun rights advocates have promised to expose legislators, particularly Republicans, who support this bill.

Rep. Oliver told Channel 2’s Lori Geary that the bill was modeled after a law already in place in Connecticut.

Former State Rep. Sean Jerguson sells the type of guns that fall under this proposed ban in Holly Springs.

“The Second Amendment does not delineate as to what weapons you can and cannot own, it gives the right to own firearms,” Jerguson said. “This bill would fly in the face of the Second Amendment.”

Oliver says it’s time for an intellectually honest discussion about what the people of Georgia may want.

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