Local Kids Shocked by Police Department

Local Kids Shocked By Police

Just like something out of the movies, these kids were star struck when a black SUV pulled into their Gainesville neighborhood. The result of the cop who got orders to head to some local kids making too much noise while playing basketball. He did the unthinkable of what most of us led by the media would think that he would get out screaming at the boys. Instead, he played a couple of rounds with the boys and everyone had a good time. Man_512x512

Then at the morning police briefing in walked a superstar and even shocked the cop when Shaq walked in the door. Heading back to the neighborhood surrounded by more police officers he claimed to have some backup, The kids did not look too impressed and thought they would show the old cops up. Then the unthinkable happened when Shaq got out of the SUV and surprised the children. Even to the point of giving them 100 dollars if they could make 1 out of 2 free throws. These are the things that need to be spread around not all of the negative. Shaq you are an incredible man for the talk you gave to these boys after the game of basketball. Also, to the Gainsville Police department, you made some dreams come true and showed what real cops do in real situations. Thank you for the way you handled your call!