Cobb County Bail Bonds

The bail bond process in the Cobb County Adult Detention Center in Marietta, Ga. can be a very time consuming task with lots of variables involved. The first thing you need to do is call Falcon Bonding at (770)333-3330. One of our bonding agents will be glad to assist Cobb-County-Adult-Dentention-Centeryou in figuring out what to do next. Once the bail bond amount and charges have been posted in the Sheriff;s online database we will contact you with the total bond amount and charges. At this point you can decide if you want to post the bond or not. If you decide to post your friend or family member’s bail you will need to got to our website and click on “documents” and fill out BOTH cosigner form 1 & 2. once this paperwork is completed and approved by an agent or supervisor, you will be given a bond fee amount to pay on our website by clicking on “make a payment”. You will also need to text or email all required documents to Falcon Bonding at this time as well. Once all Items are received and payment is made we will have an agent go to the Cobb County Jail to post your loved ones bail bond. When our agent arrives at the jail he or she must sign in and wait to be called to sign the bond while the deputy prepares it, this wait time can be anywhere between 15 minutes to 4 or more hours. Once the bond is signed our agent will contact you to come and wait for your loved one to be released from custody. When they are released we will need you to make sure they come directly to our office at 540 Powder Springs St. Marietta, Ga. Suite B-8, so the bondee can complete their part of the paperwork.

Our process eliminates hours of wait time for the “cosigner,” or loved one that is posting the bail bond of the inmate.