Month: February 2016

Apparently Crime Pays!

The District of Columbia is turning to what some say is a controversial and peculiar method to drop its crime rates by making Crime Pay offenders.

The D.C. council unanimously approved a bill Tuesday that includes a program where taxpayers pay residents a stipend not to commit crimes. City officials would pick up to 200 “at-risk” offenders and provide them with job training as well as a cash incentive to stay out of trouble.

Crime Pays @ US Captiol
Crime Pays

The D.C. bill is based on a program in Richmond, California, that pays individuals who’ve been involved in violence and are at risk of getting involved again.

“Firearm assaults are down in Richmond; homicides are down in Richmond. Is (the Office of Neighborhood Safety) responsible?” a reporter asked.

“No, these young men are responsible,” said Office of Neighborhood Safety program director Devone Boggan.

In 2014, the city of Richmond saw a two-thirds drop in homicides since it launched the program in 2007. Showing that Crime Does Pay

According to The Washington Post, D.C.’s bill would cost the city “$3.9 million in the current fiscal year and $25.6 million through the end of 2019.”

The bill didn’t specify the value of the individual stipends. So do we really start making people (taxpayers) foot the bill so they do not get robbed or mugged at gunpoint? No this is another way of hurting the people that make money the LEGAL way and to start committing crimes so they can live off of the government even more. What is the USA coming to, we are all in trouble, everyone quit their jobs and start committing crimes and collect your welfare, and now even a paycheck to not commit any crimes.

By Jamal Andress