Month: June 2014

police carIt is a commonly held belief that warmer weather means increased crime. There have been studies dating back to the late 1800’s about this correlation. Many Criminologists agree – crime is higher in the months of July and August… which we know are hot months here in Cobb County. What the studies cannot explain is the reason behind this uptick in crime. Here are a few theories that may be the cause:

  1. The Out and About Theory – The correlation may be due to the simple fact that people are out of their homes more. When people are out and interacting with other people, there may be more opportunities for crimes to happen.
  2. The School’s Out Theory – It may also have to do with the fact that kids are not in school during the summer. This theory suggests that these young people get bored and commit crimes they would not have time to commit during the school year when they are focused on schoolwork, sports and clubs.
  3. The Hot Temper Theory – The last theory, although less mentioned in studies, suggests that people are more likely to get angry or agitated in hot weather, and therefore more likely to violate the law.

There is an interesting outlier to these studies. The month of December also sees an uptick in criminal offenses. Why? Social scientists say it could be an increase in shoplifting or domestic crimes that may be related to the Holiday season.

Whatever the reason, at Falcon Bonding, we will be there to help you make bail if you or your loved one is arrested. Even though we might get a little bit busier the next few months, our quality of service will not wane. We pledge to continue to treat all parties involved with respect, even in the Metro Atlanta and Marietta, Ga heat!