Month: March 2014

An entire month with only one respectable holiday – and that one officially to celebrate that you are (or pretend to be) Irish. We hope you passed the day with lots of green and very little pinching. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we found some famous sons of Ireland who ran on the dark side of the rainbow.

We do not recommend this lifestyle, because even the luck of the Irish didn’t save these mobsters from the can.

jack legs diamond

Jack “Legs” Diamond was a bootlegger and drug dealer who oversaw production during Prohibition in both Philadelphia and New York City. He also made a habit of hijacking liquor shipments. He was called the “Human Clay Pigeon” because he avoided several assassination attempts. In 1931, He was acquitted of kidnapping charges and killed by a rival on the same day.

john smoke morrisey

John “Old Smoke” Morrissey is known for much more than his criminal career. He was a bare-knuckle boxer and a U.S. Congressman during the corrupt years of New York’s Tammany Hall. He was head of the Dead Rabbits (made famous by the film Gangs of New York.) He was allowed to run illegal gambling houses as the government turned a blind eye.

william dint colbeck

William “Dint” Colbeck was a St. Louis mob boss of Egan’s Rats, who were involved in bootlegging and illegal gambling. They also supplemented their income with robbery of banks and armed vehicles. For three years, Dint let his gang to fight their rivals, the Hogan Gang, engulfing the city in gang warfare. He was convicted for an assassination attempt in 1924. He reportedly befriended Al Capone while in prison. He was released on parole in 1940 and murdered in 1943.

While these Irish mobsters took crime to the extreme, we are happy that each American Citizen gets a fair trial. If you need help after an arrest, call Falcon Bonding for more information about our Bail Bond program!